Don’t waste precious time or money re-learning skills and knowledge you already have.

Find out about Credit Transfer and

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) 


If you’ve already completed accredited training, you may have already completed units of competency that we can directly credit and deduct from your enrolment.

Units of competency are the separate modules that make up an accredited qualification. Each unit of competency is given a unique code to identify it e.g. HLTWHS300A

The easiest way to check whether the units you’ve completed are eligible for credit transfer is to look for matching unit codes. Look at the academic transcript from your past training and compare the codes to those within the qualification you’re interested in completing with us.

If you think you’re eligible for credit transfer, simply tick the relevant box on our enrolment form and supply us the academic transcript from your past studies.

Once approved, the cost of those units is able to be deducted from the full course price and the relevant course load from those unit is also able to be directly deducted, saving you time and money.


If you’ve previously completed non-accredited Pilates instructor training either in Australia or overseas and now you want to formalise your  expertise, RPL may be applicable to you.

RPL is an assessment process where we look at your relevant prior learning (both formal and informal) to assist you in avoiding having to study skills you can already perform at a high level

The RPL process involves the completion of a user-friendly kit which we supply you. The kit guides you to identify and provide evidence of the relevant skills and experience you already have as a Pilates instructor to check that these meet industry standards.

Required evidence that you’ll need to include as part of your complete RPL kit may include:

  • Answers to written questions
  • Testimonials from former or current employers
  • Practical demonstration of your skills through DVD submissions
  • WHS documentation
  • Professional development certificates
  • Class programs or samples of resources

Once your RPL kit has been marked, if gaps in required knowledge or skills are identified, you’d be required to do training specifically in these areas to assist you with achieving your chosen qualification.

Fees apply for RPL which are able to be quoted on an individual basis depending on the units that are being applied for completion through RPL.

Want to get more information on Credit Transfer or RPL? Email us and we can send you a personalised quote applicable to your own educational background.