A short course to familiarise you with the human body.


 This course is not a pre-requisite for entry into one of our pathways or Qualification but is recommended if you’re coming to the training without having completed any prior study of basic anatomy and physiology. We’ve specially written and tailored the content  to best prepare you for the completion of your chosen Pilates qualification or pathway. It will give you more confidence and familiarity with basic human biology.


This course is self paced study which means you can complete it from anywhere and start at any time! Complete the course before your Pilates training begins or you can also choose to finish or complete it alongside your Pilates studies too. Live regionally? We can organise to have your resources posted out to your doorstep and for you to sit your written exam through a justice of the peace in your area.

The content involves the following subject areas;

Apply knowledge of the basic structure of the healthy human body:

  • Use accepted health terminology to describe the normal structure, function and location of the major body systems
  • Apply a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of maintaining a healthy body
  • Work with knowledge of the major components of each body system and their location in relation to other structures

Apply basic knowledge of factors that support healthy functioning of the body:

  • Work with a basic understanding of how to maintain the whole body in an overall state of health
  • Work with a basic understanding of the relationships between body systems required to support healthy functioning

Upon enrolment you will receive a study guide workbook where you’re required to complete the readings and then answer assessment tasks and written questions outlined within the guide. Once you’ve completed this, you will come into our training HQ (alternatives available for remote students) to sit a one hour closed book written exam. 

The training takes 8 weeks to complete. If you know that you’d like to complete the course sooner or that you’ll need more time, feel free to request this at the time of enrolment and we’re more than happy to accomodate an alternative final date.

Upon completion, receive a certificate of completion for the short course, Basic Anatomy and Physiology. This course is non-accredited training and is designed as a study assist to the accredited Pilates instructor training that we offer.