Become a Matwork and Reformer Master.


Dreaming of working overseas? Look no further. Our Professional Matwork and Reformer pathway gives you a Statement of Attainment that prepares you to work successfully in any Pilates setting. We have graduates that are currently working in Norway, The Hague, London, New Zealand, Thailand and many other exotic locations!

 flexible study options

Busy already? Whether you’re working full time, juggling family life or studying another course, our training is structured so that anyone can achieve it. Need longer than the allocated course duration? No problems. As part of your initial enrolment, let us develop an individual training plan for you at no extra cost.

people focused

We promise to get you out from behind your computer screen! Study alongside other Pilates enthusiasts and create career and lifelong friendships and networks. Be in constant contact with experienced industry professionals. Learn by shadowing real client classes and appointments to gain practical confidence.

cutting edge

Our teaching style is grounded in the roots of the traditional Pilates method layered with the latest modern biomechanics applications. No two bodies are the same. Our training will teach you how to critically analyse movement and strategically plan effective pathways to results for your clients.


We don’t just teach you how to do and instruct the repertoire. Teaching well thought out, creative, functional, flowing classes is an art form and one that we’ve honed to perfection over many years at our own Pilates studios, Pilates Fitness Institute. Learn to teach in a style that is proven to work and that clients love.


All courses offered by Pilates Training Institute are recognised by the Pilates industry association, Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA). Graduates are eligible to join the PAA as a Matwork member. Our graduates are in high demand in the industry and this course ensures that you’re ready to start instructing right away.

The Professional Matwork and Reformer Instruction pathway is made up of nine nationally recognised units of competency drawn from the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT. Upon graduation you’ll receive a Statement of Attainment as partial completion of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT, providing graduates with the recognition of having completed a selection of nationally recognised units of competency drawn from the accredited Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT qualification. 

This course is designed to be completed in 9 months based on an average weekly study commitment of 4 work experience hours per week. Have more time up your sleeve? Feel free to hand in assessments early and compress your work experience hours to graduate early and begin working right away. Know you need longer up front? Let us know when you enrol so we can stretch your schedule for a completion date that suits you at no extra cost.

COURSE PRICE $3600– see our pricing page here for full details.




  • Face to face training

  • Course theory lectures

  • Practical workshopping

  • Teaching clinics

  • Analyse dynamic and static posture

  • Program writing and group case studies

  • Learn repertoire biomechanics so you really understand the movement

  • Applying critical thinking

  • Includes observation and teaching hours organised for you at our beautiful training locations (Pilates Fitness Institute or affiliated studios)

  • On-the-job learning

  • Learn from experienced instructors

  • Observation tutorials

  • Co-instruction and shadowing

  • Get a closer look and work with a variety of bodies

  • Time to get hands on under supervision

  • Includes self mastery and self study hours

  • Become an expert mover

  • Experience the work correctly yourself

  • Minimum requirement for self mastery of 1 matwork and 1 reformer class per week for the length of the course (additional cost – see pricing for details)

  • Assignments and reading course resources

  • Preparing programs for your teaching hours

  • Studying for your practical and written exams

Observation hours
teaching hours


Successful graduates will obtain a Statement of Attainment for the following accredited units of competency.

PILPOS402B – Plan and instruct the Pilates method programming for postural assessment and correction
HLTWHS001 – 
Participate in workplace health and safety
PILMAT401B – Plan and instruct a Pilates Matwork class from foundation to basic level
PILMAT402B – Plan and instruct a progressive Pilates Matwork class
PILMAT403B – Plan and instruct an intermediate Pilates Matwork class
PILSMA401B – Instruct the Pilates studio basic to intermediate small apparatus repertoire
PILREF501B – Instruct the Pilates studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire
PILREF502B – Instruct the Pilates studio progressive Reformer repertoire
PILREF503B – Instruct the Pilates studio intermediate Reformer repertoire

  • History of the Pilates method
  • Pilates principles
  • Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
  • Static and dynamic postural assessment
  • Dynamic movement assessment techniques
  • Muscles testing and function

Graduate feeling completely prepared to teach Matwork and Reformer Pilates.

  • Matwork (Introductory, Basic, Progressive and Intermediate levels)
  • Fitball
  • Foam roller
  • Weights and poles
  • Spine supporter
  • Magic circle
  • Theraband
  • Ped-a-pul

Love the idea of teaching but terrified of public speaking? All the greatest teachers are also the greatest communicators. Our unique edge is that we recognise that these skills takes practise and support. Your training will take your personal growth as a communicator both in the Pilates setting and in life to a whole new level.

  • How to become a great, well-rounded communicator
  • How to balance all cueing styles (verbal, visual, imagery and hands on)
  • How to effectively convert your detailed knowledge into easy to communicate cues for clients to understand
  • How to conduct yourself professionally in the role of a Pilates instructor
  • Learn an exclusive programming system to ensure you create creative, balanced and effective workouts every time
  • Group Matwork at all levels
  • Group Reformer at all levels
  • Initial consultations
  • How to look after your body as an instructor
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Hygiene protocols
  • How to safely instruct clients at all times
  • Pre-exercise screening
  • Insurance and legal applications

If you’ve never been trained in anatomy before you might feel like you want to do some extra course preparation? Check out our Basic Anatomy and Physiology short course option here to get you up to speed on all things A & P.


Why wait? Enrol now and instead of dreaming about a lifestyle you want… live the life you dream of.