Every person in the class was a newbie, not just me! More surprising still, a couple people had no experience with Pilates whatsoever! In other classes, there was usually an even balance of people who had been coming for a while, and those who were fresh to it.

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8 Blogs You Should Be Reading

8 Blogs You Should Be Reading Pilates mastery is earned, not bought. “Mastery” shouldn’t be confused with the practical “doing” of Pilates: learning choreography and pedagogy. There’s so much more […]

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9 Books You Should Be Reading

9 Books You Should Be Reading We’ve previously talked about Pilates “mastery” being the product of years of (ongoing) study, and seeking out knowledge. Reading, and reading widely, is so […]

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4 Types of Cues

4 Types of Cues What is cueing? It’s the heart of the method as a uniquely mind-body discipline. It’s complex and powerfully individual (check out Pilates Cuing is An Art […]

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Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters ‘Modern mindfulness’ is a booming industry. In this hyper-connected, 24/7, fast-paced world, mindfulness has become part of the modern survival kit. To live with less stress, greater focus, […]

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