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Our Professional Matwork + Reformer Instruction pathway draws recognised units of competency from the Diploma qualification, meaning our graduates are more employable in Australia and overseas.

 flexible study options

Life is busy. We understand. Intelligent and flexible course design means we allows you to select from online, offline or combination course delivery, and design an assessment schedule that works for you!

people focused

Build relationships that work! Learn from the industry’s best, in a Studio environment. Our students are empowered in their self-mastery: growth in all ways – always!

cutting edge

The PTI and PITC style honours the essence of Joseph Pilates’ teachings while encouraging them to be informed by contemporary art, science and kinematics. Our Pilates is modern, integrated and multidimensional to best serve the body in front of us.

group PILATES pro

Develop and deliver balanced, flowing and functional group Matwork and Reformer classes that clients will love. When you graduate with PTI you take with you a refined and intelligent style of Instruction.


Our course structure is nationally accredited and recognised meaning our Matwork + Reformer Graduates can join the Pilates Alliance Australasia under a Matwork membership.


Pilates Training Institute (PTI) and Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) have a reputation for delivering world-class Instructor training, with the highest exacting standards in the market today. We believe that to honour the discipline and achieve optimal learning outcomes for all, Instructor training should be accessible to all, inclusive, interactive and supported by a mentorship community.

This is also what makes our training so special!

Our students learn from career Instructors in a Studio environment providing greater opportunity for meaningful engagement with theory and physical-intelligence aspects of the discipline (how to “do” Pilates).

We believe that investment in ‘self-mastery’ is essential to developing proper understanding of biomechanics in our own movement, and inspiring this commitment to self-mastery often means the difference between a good and a great Instructor.

Our Pilates community and networks across the country play a huge role in keeping our students motivated and on-track. We invest in our people and our students! We plan for your success.

When you graduate with us you don’t just walk away with a piece of paper, you take with you a refined and intelligent style of instruction.

The Professional Matwork + Reformer Instruction pathway consists of nine nationally recognised units of competency drawn from the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT. Graduates receive a Statement of Attainment for partial completion of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, recognising units of competency.

This course is designed to be completed in nine months based on an average weekly study commitment of four work experience hours (a combination of observing and teaching) per week.

While familiarity with anatomy + physiology is recommended, there are no prerequisites: this course is open to all people, from all backgrounds.

Our courses have been tried and tested to be completed, like other vocational training, parallel to full-time work commitments and can be flexibly designed to expedite or extend the assessment schedule to suit you.

COURSE PRICE $4500– see our pricing page here for full details.

what will i learn?

Graduates obtain a Statement of Attainment for the following accredited units of competency:

PILPOS402B: Plan and instruct the Pilates method programming for postural assessment and correction
Participate in workplace health and safety
PILMAT401B: Plan and instruct a Pilates Matwork class from foundation to basic level
PILMAT402B: Plan and instruct a progressive Pilates Matwork class
PILMAT403B: Plan and instruct an intermediate Pilates Matwork class
PILSMA401B: Instruct the Pilates studio basic to intermediate small apparatus repertoire
PILREF501B: Instruct the Pilates studio introductory to basic Reformer repertoire
PILREF502B: Instruct the Pilates studio progressive Reformer repertoire
PILREF503B: Instruct the Pilates studio intermediate Reformer repertoire

  • History of the Pilates method
  • Pilates principles
  • Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
  • Static and dynamic postural assessment
  • Dynamic movement assessment techniques
  • Muscles testing and function

Graduates are equipped to teach group Matwork and Reformer Pilates at an Introductory, Basic, Progressive and Intermediate level.

  • Matwork
  • Reformer

Small apparatus:

  • Fitball
  • Foam roller
  • Weights and poles
  • Spine corrector
  • Magic Circle
  • Theraband
  • Ped-a-pul

Effective communication is a skill, and the greatest teachers are also the greatest communicators. We understand that these skills take practice and support. This course will take your communication skills to a whole new level.

  • Become a great, well-rounded communicator
  • Learn how to balance cueing styles
  • Learn correct medical terminology
  • Learn about professional conduct
  • Learn about client documentation and administration
  • Access to an exclusive PIC programming system to help you develop creative, balanced and effective workouts clients will love
  • Program for group Matwork at all levels
  • Program for group Reformer at all levels
  • Program for Studio Pilates (private, duet and semi-private)
  • Conduct initial consultations
  • How to care for and maintain apparatus
  • How to look after your body as an Instructor
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Hygiene protocols
  • How to safely instruct clients at all times
  • Pre-exercise screening
new to ANATOMY?

If you’ve never been trained in anatomy and physiology our A&P course is the best way to get up to speed with this content. Check out our Basic Anatomy and Physiology short course option here.


The “nuts + bolts” of the Method. Here you will learn Pilates theory and practical applications, under the direction of Mentors.

  • Repertoire training + biomechanics

  • Lectures: Course theory

  • Workshops: posture analysis, program development, case studies


Institute Life: on-the-job learning from the country’s best and brightest Instructors. Witness course content in action; practice teaching and experience the industry first-hand.

  • Observation hours

  • Teaching hours: teaching + co-instruction

  • Practicums (optional): expedite teaching hours under supervision


Students have access to mixed media resources to support coursework.

Self-mastery is the practical component of self-directed learning, and is essential to understanding the physical intelligence aspect of the method. It is not included in course cost and attracts an additional fee: please refer to your local training centre.

  • Self-mastery: one matwork + one reformer class per week for nine months.

  • Self-directed learning: reading, assignments, self-audit tasks, programming for teaching hours and exam preparation


We believe that community plays an important role in achieving positive learning outcomes. That’s why we encourage participation in Student Forums: a space to collaborate with peers and Mentors, find support and share learning strategies.

no additional cost

Students schedule teaching and co-instruction at selected PTI and PITC training locations or affiliated studios. This includes sourcing “bodies” to teach. Self-scheduled work experience incurs no additional cost.

PRACTICUMS (optional)
1 practicum = 20 hours recognised teaching experience

Practicums have been developed as an optional addition to course design to expedite the completion of teaching hours in a mentor supported environment.

Practicums run for five hours: for each hour students accrue four hours recognised teaching experience. It is possible to complete all 110 teaching hours by attending all offered Practicums (subject to availability: please refer to Dates + Enrol for your state).

Sessions are under the direction of Faculty and delivered in teaching clinic format against units of competency (set topics). Practicums are not included in course cost and attract an additional fee of $75 per session. Bookings are made online.


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